South Carolina Unit Study (1/12)

I have decided to do a post for each of our twelve unit studies here. Not only does this serve as a way to quickly and efficiently organize and record details of our unit studies and fun, it also helps to keep me accountable to myself. I am the one creating each of these unit studies and knowing I’m tracking the details ensures that I’m not slacking off. If you are curious about the 2017-2018 round up, click here.

Wood academy of christian kids

Our first three week unit study this year is inspired by starting off the school year living in South Carolina. Over the years we have studied both the American Revolution and the United States Civil War in detail, but when you live in Columbia, what a better time to review both events and dig a little deeper.

We primarily focused on the Civil War and wanted to keep the unit theme of hope and new beginnings in mind as well as our overall yearly theme of standing up for what you believe in.

In addition to my kids’ book work, here were some of the fun details about our SC/Civil War unit.

Read alouds:



Discussed: (source)

  • “Liberty for All” (William L. Garrison)
  • “On the Slavery Question” (John C. Calhoun)
  • “A House Divided” (Abraham Lincoln)
  • “Inaugural Address” (Jefferson Davis)
  • “Gettysburg Address” (Abraham Lincoln)
  • “The Emancipation Proclamation” (Abraham Lincoln)




We have actually already done the SC State House tour in 2015 which can be seen here. However, we may go back to see it again later in the fall.

Kids’ Book Reviews:

Mae read Shades of Gray, which is not to be confused with another book with a similar title.



Kate read My Brother’s Keeper.



Thomas read The Boys War.

The Boys' War_-2

In summary, we all seemed to enjoy this unit study. A lot of facts and details were review, but there was also some new information and definitely some new experiences specific to the area we are living in that made the review particularly worth while.

Other highlights unrelated to our unit include:


The 2017 Solar Eclipse. Columbia was on the path of totality and while it did get dark here, it was very cloudy during the short window of the eclipse. The kids were able to see partial eclipses.

My girls had their first lab experiment of the year. This is the third Apologia study they have done and they LOVE their science. (We have done Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as Astronomy.)

They made a lava lamp for their chapter one experiment on chemistry and physical matter.

As part of a complete Charlotte Mason education that seeks to educate the “whole child,” we encourage our children to participate in activities and opportunities that strengthen their personal development.

Kate started back her gymnastics.

Mae (and her friend Ella) became CPR/First Aid/Babysitter certified.

​And Thomas started his dual enrollment class, Introduction to Public Speaking. He’s had to learn some computer skills (creating email and YouTube accounts, getting set up on Louisiana College’s virtual classroom) as well as organizational skills (time management, keeping his class materials in order, and prioritizing activities and assignments). This first week he had to make and upload a 1-2 minute “introduction video” for his instructor and classmates. You can find it on YouTube or watch it here.




One thought on “South Carolina Unit Study (1/12)

  1. Kathy says:

    Your kids are amazing! Their education experience is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen!! And…that video of Thomas just shows what a fine young man he is becoming….so well spoken!! Really very proud of you al!!!


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