Sports & Games Unit Study (2/12)

I have decided to do a post for each of our twelve unit studies here. Not only does this serve as a way to quickly and efficiently organize and record details of our unit studies and fun, it also helps to keep me accountable to myself. I am the one creating each of these unit studies and knowing I’m tracking the details ensures that I’m not slacking off. If you are curious about the 2017-2018 round up, click here.

Wood academy of christian kids

One of my goals for the year was to keep with an overall theme of standing up for what you believe in and mixing that theme with some great history (mostly highlighting major events in United States history), some thoughtful character education, and some overall interesting topics my kids would enjoy.

This second unit study on sports and games promises to deliver just that. We are focusing on the history of sports in America, the value our country has historically and currently placed on sports, and the ideals of heroism and the underdog who overcomes.

Studying sports and games is the perfect opportunity to look at people who have overcome adversity, shown perseverance, exhibited teamwork, and how resilience factors into it all.

In addition to my kids’ book work, here were some of the fun details about our Sports & Games unit.

Read alouds:



  • “Casey at the Bat” (Thayer)
  • “If” (Kipling)


Thought Provoking Articles:



  • The Pistol
  • Miracle
  • Cool Runnings
  • Invincible


Reviewed Basic Rules of the following sports:

  • golf
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • soccer
  • baseball
  • football
  • basketball


Answered the question, “How do we enjoy sports by watching them vs. participating in them?”



Field Trips:

Congaree National Park

EdVenture Museum: (Kate) “Ocean Clean Up,” (Mae) “Engineering Underwater Vehicles”

Relic Room: “Revolutionary Victory at Cowpens” and “How to Be a Villain”


Kids’ Literature selections:

Mae: Breakaway


Thomas: The Crossover


Kate: I Got This


Other events of significance:

We have begun attending the weekly homeschool PE class on post. We’ve recruited many friends too!

Our science labs with our friends the Yates (from Augusta) have started and our first collaboration was at our house.

Thomas has had two speeches to complete for his public speaking class through Louisiana College. He has gotten good feedback from his professor and classmates so far. At 13 he is definitely the youngest in his class of 28. I’m proud of him because this class is teaching him much about time management, writing, communication, pacing, outlining, information gathering, synthesizing information, and speaking extemporaneously to a captive audience. (By captive, I mean his sisters and their friends probably felt like they were being *held* captive.) In addition, he is becoming very familiar with email (Gmail and school Microsoft email), using both the LA College portal and vCamp the virtual classroom, YouTube, and more.

The first speech was informal and ungraded. He had to provide a 2-3 minutes speech on a person he admires. He spoke about his dad. =)


The second was his first graded speech and it was called Life in a Bag, where he had to pick three items to further introduce himself. This speech had to be between 4-6 minutes.


And that’s all folks. Six weeks down in this semester and 12 to go before we break and move to Louisiana.


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