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  1. Kristin voudouris says:

    As a fellow chaplains wife I find your blog authentic and encouraging. We are a band of sisters to walk life together. It’s refreshing to read your words, as they resonate in my heart. This military life is a surprising adventure, which I have grown to love, but it places demands on me that have stretched my faith in uncomfortable and rewarding ways. I’ll look forward to supporting your book endeavors. It sounds like a good one to especially give young wives…..we are at the Monterey presidio so there are lots of newbies……which I still feel like I’m learning this military culture too!
    Thank you


    • claire says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words. You are right on the tension between the “great adventure” and the stretching this life asks of us. And Monterey…sounds beautiful. Thanks again for connecting.



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