books of 2014

I enjoy seeing what other people are reading. If nothing else I often draw inspiration and ideas of titles to add to my own queue of books to read. Each year for the past three, I have made a personal goal to try and read 52 books in a year; roughly one book per week. This year, I knew that goal was lofty at best with a huge move from Texas to Georgia right in the middle of the year.

I did, however, get pretty close. And I have four books in process on my nightstand with a week to go. I’m including the link to each title on Amazon so you can read descriptions. Nearly all of these were books I checked out from the library, a few were pass alongs or freebies from friends and family, a handful (noted by *) were books I read aloud to my children as part of their literature studies this year.

If I could give you ONE suggestion for the New Year, get a FREE Library Card. The world awaits! Books are listed in the order in which they were read.

1. God is in the Manger (Bonhoeffer)

2. After the Boxes Are Unpacked (Miller)

3. Beautiful Day (Hilderbrand)

4. The Land Between (Manion)

5. Bambi* (Salten)

6. Heidi* (Spyri)

7. Total Money Makeover (Ramsey)

8. Blue Like Jazz (Miller)

9. Praying Circles Around Your Children (Batterson)

10. Smart Money, Smart Kids (Ramsey, Cruze)

11. This Is a Story of a Happy Marriage (Patchett)

12. Jesus Feminist (Bessey)

13. Balancing it All (Bure)

14. Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Evans)

15. The Friendships of Women (Brestin)

16. To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee)

17. Financial Peace Revisited (Ramsey)

18. All Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion (Flagg)

19. Supreme Macaroni Company (Trigiani)

20. Mere Christianity (Lewis)

21. New Menopausal Years (Weed)

22. Education: Viewpoints Series

23. I Still Dream About You (Flagg)

24. More Charlotte Mason Education (Levinson)

25. The Gifts of Imperfection (Brown)

26. All Fall Down (Weiner)

27. One More Try (Chapman)

28. Hurricane Sisters (Frank)

29. Lay It On My Heart (Pneuman)

30. Lord, Thank You for My Home (Tchividijan)

31. Black Beauty* (Sewell)

32. Little Britches* (Moody)

33. Wednesday Sisters (Clayton)

34. Breathe (Kent)

35. Mom Enough (ed. Reinke)

36. Unbroken (Hillenbrand)

37. Under Magnolia (Hayes)

38. The Self Sufficient Home (Hoffman)

39. The Land of Mango Sunsets (Frank)

40. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz* (Baum)

41. Man of the Family* (Moody)

42. Opening the Windows of Blessing (Arthur)

43. Addicted to Hurry (Jones)

44. Parenting with Scripture (Durbin)

45. Telling Yourself the Truth (Backus, Chaplan)

46. Yes, Please (Poehler)


Here’s to another year of reading and getting lost in books!

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