the state of our garden

I’ve got a little good news/bed news situation going here. The good news is that the garden is still ON. The bad news is that the seeds we used for my son’s science fair project are the same seeds that I bought for the garden and Ryan isn’t so sure the seed quality wasn’t to blame for our son’s lack of success with the growth of his radishes.




have already begun to germinate the seeds for some Zinnias. I’m planning to continue with them just because they seem to be sprouting and growing. Ryan plans to buy better seeds or plants already started for our home garden.




He and Thomas spent some time last week planning out a garden space. (This was part of Thomas’s homework for his agricultural science class too!) Not much longer now and we will be digging, tilling and planning raised beds.

The girls and I also found some fun veggie paper crates that look like they will work for “selling their vegetables.”

Our fruit trees are just starting to get little colorful buds on them too. It’s March and I can tell that Spring is just around the corner!

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