you are what you read: episode 001

I am considering taking a huge risk at looking and feeling foolish by adding in a bi-monthly video post (vlog) here at

I’ve been inspired by my friend (Monica) and the adorable video series that Rachel Cruze does too. Ultimately, I find the tenor and tone of my blog often way too serious and wanted to add an element of fun and light-heartedness. What I may have done instead is add a huge element of nerd and cheesy!

Ideally, I hope to turn these 3-5 minute video posts into a small series called “You Are What You Read,” where I tackle a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

This first video is just kind of a test run to see if I can figure out the technical aspects of filming, posting to YouTube and then making that video show up live here on my blog. I wanted to introduce the idea of book talks very briefly in this initial video, but plan for subsequent posts to include the following topics:

  • why books matter
  • how reading shapes us
  • what are the best methods for finding books that fit your style
  • the benefits of having a library card
  • how you can teach your children to read without a formal curriculum
  • why it is vital to instill a love of reading into our kids
  • real books or electronic versions, the eternal debate
  • what I’m reading and why I keep track of it
  • books I love and highly recommend (from a variety of genres)
  • book clubs and the value of shared community
  • my top five books of all time (okay, maybe my top 10)
  • why reading can be good for our health
  • the most important Book

And much more…I’d love to hear from you to find out what you’re reading and what your thoughts are on books and their value in your life.

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