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HappyMother's Day

Last week I was able to hear Frances Mayes speak at our public library. She was promoting her latest memoir, Under Magnolia which I read last year. That memoir is mostly about her earliest memories of place, of growing up in Fitzgerald, Georgia and her move away from the South.

I sat mesmerized listening to this wise woman tell about her lifetime of travels; of living on the Pacific Coast, splitting time at “home” in Italy and now, decades later moving back to North Carolina.

I deeply value a sense of place, and home and roots. God and the military has had different plans for my life. I am learning to appreciate the opportunities I have to expand my heart with multiple places I consider home. Home is Tennessee. Home is Texas. Home is Georgia. There will be other spots in my heart that I will call home. And as the story God is writing unfolds, I, like Frances Mayes, “love having memories of living in many places.”


There are unique benefits to rooting and soaring. Which do you prefer and why? How has that impacted your story?

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