what I learned in july

This year, I’ve been keeping up with what I am learning each month a ‘la Emily P. Freeman.


Here’s what Emily has to say about the practice:

“At the end of every month, we have a regular practice here of looking back before moving forward. While some of the deeper, more in-process things I may keep private for a while, other things are fun to share here. And when you share things you’ve been learning, I always discover lots of fun tips, great new shows, and encouraging thoughts to begin the month.

We’re all at different spots on the journey, and these end of the month posts are a way to reflect, share, and celebrate on purpose.” {Emily P. Freeman}


July, in all honesty, was kind of a break month for me. In keeping with my goals for summer, I tried to be in the moment and focused on enjoying each day as it came.

Even still, I did come away with some new knowledge.

1. I learned how to use the return button on Facebook’s direct messaging feature. 

Previously, any time I’d write a private message to a friend, every time I hit the enter/return button, the message would send even if I was just starting a new paragraph. NOW, I know that if you hit {shift} enter/return that it will create a line space and won’t send the whole message. LIFE CHANGED!

2. I also relished in some great Mission Ready Marriage buzz as well as saw some of my hard work as a writer pay off in a variety of ways. 

An article I wrote for the National Military Family Association was published and I was asked to be a regular monthly contributor.

I was listed on our local library local author’s page.

I joined Georgia Writer’s Association.

I reached out to the American Bible Society regarding using MRM as a resource and their military contact ordered multiple copies and they are in the process of reviewing it for their use. Absolutely nothing may come of this, but we will see.

I am going to now be a regular contributor at Ungrind, a Christian women’s webzine.

My new friend, Benita Koeman, graciously listed my book on her wonderful site, Operation We Are Here as a military marriage resource and I am especially grateful.

Our denominational endorser included a very kind write-up about my book in the email and social media blast that goes out to all chaplains in our denomination.

3. I learned that when I take time to process tragedy, I can rest in the truth of God’s promises. 


4. I also articulated some discoveries I had on being alone at home for a week without my kids. 


I definitely learned some things about myself that week. Not all of the things I learned were positive.

5. I shared about the six things moms need for a successful school year

2 3 4

5 6 7

What would you add to that list?


That’s about it for July. I look forward to continuing to track these small but important tidbits of information. I love going back to read the previous months.

Here’s June || May || April || March || February

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