Washington, D.C.

Last week Ryan and I had the opportunity to travel to our nation’s capital in order for Ryan to receive a recognition at a special luncheon. He was awarded the 2015 Chaplain Maurice Witherspoon Award by the National Bible Society.

I couldn’t be prouder of Ryan. Not only does he live at home what he teaches and preaches; it was also really nice to see the Army recognize his calling and giftings.

Admittedly I don’t get out much, but still a week later I’m very nostalgic about this trip we were fortunate enough to take.

It’s possible that much of what we were able to do on this trip is such a far reach from my real life that it felt a little like Cinderella at the ball. And who doesn’t love getting a Cinderella moment now and again?

In no particular order, here is what I adored about D.C.

1. Sometimes traveling without your children is awesome. 

Know who I packed for? Me.

Know who I worried about shuttling to and from the airport? Me.

Know whose bags I toted? Mine.

Know who I fed? Me.


2. Historic Hotels are awesome.

We stayed at the Morrison-Clark right downtown and it was so cool. It was almost like a brownstone apartment on the front; just three floors and very quaint and beautiful inside.

A proper doorman welcomed us each time we entered and opened the door for us each time we exited. Our room was outfitted with antiques and slippers. This was no Holiday Inn, folks.

3. There is an insane amount of energy in D.C. and it was awesome.

This is a smart city. It’s our nation’s center of politics, history, commerce, and education. That vibe is palpable.

Every street we walked was teeming with folks on the go. They all looked important and like they were on a mission to go somewhere that matched their own level of importance.

By the way, I’m now on the lookout for (another) awesome tote bag for my fake walking commute to and from my work. I mean seriously. When have sensible shoes ever looked so adorable with a power suit?


4. Getting around the city was awesome.

There was a pretty crazy amount of traffic. Many people are in taxis, driving their yuppy SUVs and imports; plenty of others were on foot and yet others on bikes. There was strict adherence to traffic lights and walk/don’t walk signals.

Thankfully the chaos of that traffic was at a minimum. Ryan and I walked for hours touring the mall area, museums, the White House, and to and from restaurants.

We also successfully figured out the Metro system. We put just the right amount of money on a Metro card. We navigated our way from Ronald Reagan airport to the stop closest to our hotel and then back again they day we left. All for about $6 each. Taxi-schmaxi. Shuttle-schmuttle.

We also used Uber twice. I was in awe of the coolness and ease and technology of Uber. I know, I’m years late to the Uber bandwagon, but seriously amazing. We took a snazzy black Suburban to the luncheon (an upgrade) and then did an Uber-pool in a black Honda Crosspointe (?) on the way back to the hotel after. It felt like we were celebrities who had our own driver. (Again, so *not* my normal life…I’m usually the driver of our large, black SUV and I’m double checking seatbelt use, being handed unwanted trash, mediating the radio dial, and the all-time navigator of anywhere we travel!)



5. The Metropolitan Club is exclusive and (you guessed it) awesome.

We learned that just the week prior, President Barack Obama himself lunched at the Metropolitan Club. NBD.

There was strict regulations about photographs and customs and courtesies inside this place. We schmoozed and were served Perrier water with lime slices during the mini-cocktail hour. We had professional pictures taken. We were served our meal on personalized dishes; and saw that the MC not only had its own library where Shakespeare plays are performed frequently; they also sold velvet slippers to their members with the fancy “MC” emblem embroidered on them.



6. Seeing your husband honored by the National Bible Association and hearing kind remarks made about him by our nation’s highest ranking Army chaplain was awesome.

It truly was an honor to be among the crowd we were in last Wednesday. It’s always nice to feel recognized and honored for your service. There’s none more deserving than Ryan if you ask me!

2015 Witherspoon Award Chap (CPT) Thomas Wood 782d MI BN 20151104

2015 Witherspoon Award Chap (CPT) Thomas Wood and Army Chief of Chaplains (MG) Paul Hurley

2015 Witherspoon Award Chap (CPT) Thomas Wood 782d MI BN 20151104


7. Getting to tour a city, see the landmarks, and have the undivided attention of your sweetheart for a few days is indeed AWESOME.


Ryan and I packed in as much as humanly possible in 48 hours. What did I love most? Getting a chance outside of our normal routines and backdrops to reconnect with the man I love. Getting a chance to reflect on our blessings, hold hands, dream about an unknown future, and revel in the plans and goodness of God was so needed for both of us.


We are already plotting a return trip to a city that made an imprint on our hearts. We can’t wait to get back to Washington, D.C. in the very near future!

PS-And a HUGE shoutout of gratitude to my wonderful mama who held down the fort at home. She played mom to our three sweeties while Ryan and I were away. No doubt my level of relaxation and enjoyment of this trip is due in large part to the comfort I felt knowing my mom had it all under control in Georgia!

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