finding your inner beverly

I have long held a deep fascination with televisions moms. They are part of pop culture and therefore, can sometimes cause us to examine ourselves as mothers against their personas. Many iconic TV mothers are near and dear to my heart.

It seems that I can find such inspiration or humor in the way these television mamas relate to their families. I love to study their intra-martial rapport, their personal and professional choices and best of all, their interactions with their children.

Last year I started watching season 1 of ABC’s “The Goldberg’s.” In the off-season, Ryan got caught up and this fall, together, we began watching season 2. As children of the 1980s ourselves, every. single. episode. reminds us of our own childhoods and a decade where acid washed jeans, shoulder pads and the New Kids were all the rage.

The show is based on a real family and the video footage collected by the real Adam Goldberg as a child. I can’t express just how laugh-out-loud funny this show is. Over the past two seasons, Mrs. Beverly “Bevvy” Goldberg, has warmed her way into my heart.

“This is my mom, Beverly Goldberg. A shoulder pad and crunchy haired mother warrior whose top priority was always her kids. Before the helicopter mom and attachment parenting, she was the original smotherer.” -adult Adam Goldberg


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Here are the seven reasons Beverly inspires me as my new favorite TV mom:

1. Her kids are her life and she makes no apologies for that.

Beverly Goldberg spends her days (and nights) serving her family. She’s a traditional stay at home mom. She’s home when the kids are home from school. She’s making meals and going to PTA meetings. When a problem arises, Beverly is on the scene.

2. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Beverly will stand up to anyone; school principals, school teachers, play directors, neighbors, college admissions counselors, store managers and strangers. Beverly tells it like it is. Basically, there’s no fear. There’s also no filter. And her family…well they never have to wonder where they stand with Bev.


3. She talks smack to her kids, but if anyone else messes with them, look out.

Beverly has a love like no other for her three children, Erica, Barry (Big Tasty) and Adam. She will call them out in a heart beat. After she corrects them or puts them in their place, you can bet she follows through with some serious physical touch, words of affirmation and quality time. If someone else doesn’t recognize their potential or has the nerve to mistreat Barry, Adam or Erica? Rest assured that Beverly will plead their case and fight their fight. There’s no backing down for Beverly.

strong arm

4. There is no measure too great for Beverly to take to make sure her children get what they need. 

Whether it’s replacing a Cabbage Patch Kid from the black market or securing a girlfriend or lead role in the school play, Beverly Goldberg will see to it that Adam, Erica and Barry are winners.

5. She kills it with her personal appearance.

I mean, honestly, the whole Beverly ensemble is pure awesome. Her perfectly coiffed and over-sprayed hair; exquisitely manicured fingernails, and over-the-top colorful and loud clothes are hallmarks of Beverly’s style. Despite her role as a stay-at-home mama, there’s no yoga pants and sweatshirts for Bev. She’s dressed to the nines 24/7. I love that she takes such pride in her appearance.


6. She loves Murray, but even HE knows she’s at the helm of the family ship.

The marriage between Murray and Beverly is obviously dysfunctional. She is bossy and controlling and he’s tuned out and passive. Though not ideal, those of us in the throes of childrearing can easily see how the Goldbergs have settled into their roles. There’s a clear disciplinarian and a clear softy. I think Murray realizes that Beverly’s zest and gusto for the family allows him the solace he desires to be propped-up and pantless in his recliner after a long day at the furniture store.

7. She’s made running her household her job. 

As a woman who has often struggled with my role as home maker and the expectations I place upon myself in that role, it’s fun to see Beverly take such pride in her job as CEO of the house, wife and (s)mother. To Beverly, her home is her kingdom. She’s got the house decorated to her liking, she cooks dinner for her family and ultimately runs a very tight ship. That’s her life and her job. She is proud of it and serves her family well.


I know it’s just a television show, not real life. But I adore watching Beverly and the way she is so over-the-top about everything. I can sometimes relate to her vigor and ebullience for her kids and family. The creators/writers/producers of the show have cast a hilarious spin on family life in a decade when life was simpler.

As overblown and exaggerated as the persona of Beverly Goldberg is, I relish the good-humored attempt to highlight someone claiming her role as mother and living it extravagantly!


I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how I am so blessed by my own family. Like the great preacher J.R. Miller’s idea upholds, I cherish my job as mother and wife of our home as the most sacred of honors. I love his words best.

“Oh that God would give every mother a vision of the glory and splendor of the work that is given to her when a babe is placed in her bosom to be nursed and trained! Could she have but one glimpse in to the future of that life as it reaches on into eternity; could she look into its soul to see its possibilities; could she be made to understand her own personal responsibility for the training of this child, for the development of its life, and for its destiny,–she would see that in all God’s world there is no other work so noble and so worthy of her best powers, and she would commit to no others hands the sacred and holy trust given to her.”

3 thoughts on “finding your inner beverly

  1. Meghan Cobble says:

    I’ve never watched this show. Gonna have to add it to my list of hopefuls. The one thing I don’t do a lot of is TV. I have a hard time sitting still. But, I am learning that my brain needs to de-bunk and go on auto pilot sometimes and TV is just the fix for that. I am compiling a list of Netflix seasons to watch by the end of the year. Kind of a mandate “BE STILL, MEG.” Silly, but true.

    Excited to give this one a whirl!

    Meg 🙂


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