the state of our garden: week 007

The time is finally here that we have been able to partake in the bounty of our garden! Yay!!! This is week seven, counting forward from week zero when Ryan put plants into the ground.


[For the record the above photo is a stock image from Canva. We didn’t plant radishes!]

Anyway, about two weeks ago, we had a little problem with our tomato plants. Our neighborhood is home to many deer who feel very safe wandering the streets and yards. They partake in eating flowers, fruits and vegetables at their leisure.

Said deer, had eaten off every single tomato bloom we had. Ryan promptly found some spray or powder that served as a very effective deterrent from that happening again. I joked that this was the tension of Ryan’s life. All fall he tries to attract deer and all spring he’s now trying to repel them. #irony


[Nearly every day last week, mid-afternoon our little friend came to eat apples from our apple tree.]

During the past few weeks, it was also time for the guys to stake the tomato plants. I always know it’s almost time to eat when the stakes go in.


We have had a few cucumbers, lots of our herbs and the tomatoes and peppers won’t be far behind.


I’ve been using our basil and cilantro in nearly everything I can put it into. I made baked Penne Rigate. Or as Giada would say {pee-nay-ree-gahhhh-tahhh}…IMG_2623

I’ve used the cilantro in a mexican lasagna and in Vietnamese summer rolls. Over the weekend I made Ryan my version of a Caprese salad and fried eggs as a brunch meal.


We also have dill and rosemary I plan to work into the rotation. In a short time, our squashes,  tomatoes, and peppers should be ready too.


I had the thought recently that growing a home garden has some connections to how marriage works. There are parts to gardening that are all Ryan. He uses his skills, talents, abilities and strengths to help our garden along. I use my skills, talents, abilities and strengths to help make what we grow into something that we can all eat and enjoy. I could easily do both parts and so could Ryan, but there is beauty and pleasure in each of us joining together in our separate areas for the good of the team (or family).

Do you garden? Or like to watch things grow? I’d love to hear about it!

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