Custer Loop House

We lived at 3704 Custer Loop, which was the second house on the left just inside the loop. Our roof, floors, and hall bath seemed as if they’d been recently replaced. I know some others on the opposite side of the street had some water/mold damage so I’d check on that before signing for one of those houses.


There’s a decent amount of space on the front porch and sidewalk that adjoins the porch to the carport.


Just past the large window there is a large outdoor closet that locks and we used it to store sports equipment and our golf clubs. There are three shelves in there too. I didn’t get any photos of the back yard, but there is a small (lockable) shed out there. We had several boxes of books damaged after some severe rains. I wouldn’t store anything of great value on the floor. Also, it is not climate-controlled.


This is just inside the front door. There is a fair amount of space just inside the entry way.


Just past the entry way, off to your right is a large family room. The ceilings are low in these houses, but the natural light and white walls in our house made up for that. Something else to note, is that these houses are not regulated in their energy/water use.



This is the view from the other end of the room. There is a set of windows on the far left, and in the center and on the right, there are two sets of French doors that open up to the sun porch.


To me, the sun porch is what seals the deal on these houses. Many have used them as a fifth bedroom, a second living area, a play room, or a homeschool room. We had a new puppy and porch furniture, so we treated it as an indoor porch.


As you can see, there’s tons of natural light, doors to the back yard on both ends, and a separate wall AC unit. We never had any issues keeping the temperature regulated in this room, despite the fact that it wasn’t on central heat or air.


The family room connects to the kitchen and we even had a cute little sliding door on that window/pass through to the kitchen. (I kept trying to imagine what a lot of these homes’ unique design elements must have been intended for back in their prime.)


Typical galley kitchen and TERRIBLE light fixture. Plenty of cabinet storage and a gas stove. It seems that there isn’t much consistency in the appliances from house to house on this street. My neighbor at 3702 had an awesome stainless steel commercial grade oven/stove.

Also, these houses DO NOT come equipped with a microwave, so you will need to provide your own.


This is just around the corner on the right at the end of the kitchen. Those folding doors open to a large pantry. We housed my husband’s gun safe in there. In addition, there are several spacious shelves. I wish they’d thought to put the washer/dryer hookup in the closet, because there was no noise barrier when the appliances were running.



This was taken just inside the front door to my immediate right. Again, you can see the abundance of cabinets.


I loved the natural light, but with the blinds open, we’d frequently have neighbor kiddos stopping by to wave or peer into our dining room while we were eating or working at the table.


We utilized the large closet in the dining room as our homeschool closet. It was a nice, walk-in size with great shelving.


From the front door looking back down to your left is where all four bedrooms and two full baths were located.


This is the first closet on the right. We used it as the Army and “coats-we-never-wore-because-Columbia-is hot-through-December” closet. =)


Past that closet was my oldest daughter’s (12) bedroom. It had the smallest closet. I didn’t hang curtains in this house and these photos are making me think that was a mistake.



Lots of floor space and great light. All bedrooms were equipped with ceiling fans!


Just past her room on the same side of the hallway was my younger daughter’s (10) room. We split up our twin beds for them to use in order to allow for more floor/play space. (You can see the nice privacy fence through the window!)



At the dead end of the hallway was the master bedroom/bathroom. There is an exit to the back yard in the master. Not sure why other than for fire safety? The master, in our experience, was TINY. We have a queen size bed and in order for all of our bedroom furniture to fit, I couldn’t have my nightstand beside the bed. =(


There wasn’t much floor space left in there.


The bathroom is also TINY. Aside from three tiny shelves inside the mirror (medicine cabinet) there is NO STORAGE of any kind in the master bath. You can see I had my nightstand just outside the bathroom and kept most of my toiletries there.



Our closet wasn’t huge either. We made due, but it was tight. Personally I believe it strengthens marriages to have separate closets and bathroom vanities. =0


Heading back down the hall, (this time on your right), is the kids’ or hall/guest bath. Not much room to turn around in there. Not much storage for three kids or guests but we made it work. Those mirrored doors opened up for some small storage.


Not to brag, but our hall bath was one of the few that had been refitted or updated. Most of the others on the loop had original colored tile walls in the showers/tubs.


Just past the bathroom is the fourth bedroom, and the only one that faces the front of the house. Our son (14) had this room and didn’t mind the street noise or early morning light. He had the largest closet too!


There is a really nice closet in the hallway for linens. Lots of deep, sturdy shelving.


I can’t say enough great things about these old houses. We had the best neighbors and just a wonderful community experience. Here are a few photos of some of our best Custer Loop memories…just for kicks =)


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