Toledo Bend

A few weeks ago, Ryan suggested checking in to renting a cabin on Easter weekend at nearby Toledo Bend–the Army’s MWR recreation site near Fort Polk.

His schedule has been so busy at this assignment, I knew that even with Easter chapel responsibilities, a night away and a change of scenery would still be worth it.

Our kids are at such an easy stage where we can literally say, “pack a backpack and your pillows” and we can be in the car 30 minutes later.

We only had about a 45 minute drive and the weather was gorgeous. If you are in the area, I highly recommend the cabin rentals. They were super reasonably priced and immaculately clean.

This was really only about a 24 hour get-away for our family so we kept things simple. We brought dinner and breakfast, coffee and some board games.

Internet service is spotty (actually non-existent), but that proved to be a blessing too. We didn’t have any texts, phone calls, or social media distractions the entire time.

Ryan brought his kayak and our family fishing supplies and the kids and I rented kayaks for part of the afternoon.

Now that we have added Hank to our family, we have to consider him in all of our travel decisions. Thankfully Toledo Bend (and the cabins) are pet friendly.

Hank had a great time being out near the water.

The weather could not have been better. We had sunny skies and 80 degree temps.

Everyone got all suited up with life vests, paddles, kayak seats, and kayaks and we spent some time just meandering around the lake.




Ryan wanted to try to see if Hank could handle being on the kayak. That lasted about ten minutes before I took Hank back to the cabin to his kennel.

After getting the dog situated, I got into my own kayak and met the fam out on the open waters. Such a peaceful way to spend the afternoon.

After returning our rentals, we *needed* some ice cream.

Toledo Bend has various rental options including these cool yurts!

It was a little too cold for my blood, but Kate and Mae decided they wanted to swim for a bit.

After a late meal of turkey sloppy joes, fruit, and fries, we settled in for some Phase 10 and Risk. Kate pretty much swept the floor with all of us in Phase 10.

Hank is always just happy to be with his family.

We all slept in (much needed) and woke up and had coffee and breakfast–just lounging around the cabin.

After we all got dressed and ready for the day, we cleaned our way out of the cabin and packed most of our stuff.

(this is a fossil Ryan found out by our cabin)

We let the kids fish and Hank play in the water for a while before we loaded up and drove back to Fort Polk.

Our kids fish a lot at Ryan’s parents’ house: we were laughing because the fish don’t bite quite like they do at Granddaddy’s stocked pond–where he also feeds the fish just before the kids get their rods and reels ready. (LOLOLOLOLOL)

This assignment has been unique (as they all are). Ryan’s time is really accounted for and the JRTC rotations keep him away long and unpredictable hours.

Even though this trip was super quick, I can’t emphasize enough just how worthwhile it was. We all needed our tanks refilled with some restful family time away from our normal, day-to-day surroundings–just us.

Our Toledo Bend get-away did the trick!

We can’t wait to have more Louisiana adventures!

One thought on “Toledo Bend

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