book report: chapter 11

I ended last year with some very specific goals for myself in 2015. One of those goals was to read more. Instead of waiting until the end of the year to make one gigantic list, I am going to post a monthly book report of what I’ve been reading. And instead of just listing the titles, I wanted to give my two cents while the books were still fresh on my mind. (I am, however, keeping this year’s giant list–sans reviews–here.)

a title here

For all of the reading I have done this year, November just kind of got away from me. I only read one book completely.

Why Not Me (Mindy Kailing)

A few years ago, I read and adored Mindy’s first book,  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. As a huge devotee of The Office, I love the humor and candor of Kailing’s writing. Why Not Me was a book I read nearly in one entire setting. It is light, funny, and in a few places a little on the crude side. She explores many of the inside details of leaving The Office to begin her own show, The Mindy Project. She also tells about her college years, her mishaps in romance, and why she is an unlikely role model to young girls with ambition. This is a perfect example of a book that makes me grateful for our library membership; I’d never pay money for a book like this, but I was happy to check it out, read it in a few hours, and take it back.

I think my book reading was off for a few reasons. First, November was FULL. We had a trip to Washington, D.C., Thomas and Mae had birthdays, Thanksgiving travel, and I had many, many, many essays to grade.

Here’s a short list of books I started but did not complete or are in process: (Hopefully a few of these will move on to my December Book Report.

All the Stars In the Heavens

See Me


Hands Free Mama

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